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Updated: Oct 26, 2023


I’m Lisset Kanak, Lead Agent at Be Well World. My mission is to work with you to discover the best healthcare plan for your wellness journey. I thought that I’d kick off the conversation by sharing my own journey that brought me to choosing the insurance plans on this website.

I learned about Major Medical insurance back in 2007 when I managed the Health division of a brokerage firm in Austin. In order to learn, I had to call all the respective insurance companies to find out how their benefits compared to those of their competitors: Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana and others.

I was surprised that there were really no notable differences other than the price, the amount of the Deductible, the Coinsurance percentage, the amount of the Copays for doctors and specialists, the annual maximum allowed on their prescription coverage, and that's about it. There may have been an additional benefit but very rarely so my deduction was they were all the same!

Immediately, as a future client of these types of policies, I was not impressed. Since this was before the Affordable Care Act; my clients had to pass medical underwriting in order to be able to get coverage and most did not. So, I spent days deep diving only to tell them they couldn't get coverage for them and their families!

Fast forward to today, there are prominent companies competing to sell this type of Medical coverage and I have chosen one that I feel confident in representing.

Looking forward to learning how I can be of service to you on your wellness journey.

wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity...

Lisset Kanak

Lead Agent, Be Well World

Agent # 1245696


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