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Lisset Kanak

Having come from careers in sales--beginning in high tech staffing and, eventually, health insurance--my journey transpired from having an on-the-job accident that led to a year-long disability. Once I got back to work, my sole focus was to learn the intricacies of health insurance as a whole, how it may be utilized to a) provide the most financial protection possible and b) allow us as consumers to customize our coverage with the products that are designed to do just that. What remains true is the need to have a trusted guide to assist you on your wellness journey. I hope you allow me to be that guide for you.

My career path has included these roles:

  1. Running the Health Insurance division of one of the most prominent Brokerage agencies in Austin (Real Estate, Tax Management, Property & Casualty, Health/Medical insurance - owner featured on cover of Texas Monthly magazine)

  2. Sitting on Pilot Program panel for designing Medical policies for top Hospital in Austin

  3. One of two top sales agents at one of the most prominent Medicare agencies in Austin

  4. Group Medical sales agent at one of the oldest and most prominent Agencies in Austin

  5. Top 10 Sales Agents with CIGNA Medicare product sales

  6. Top Sales Agent with one of the largest Medicare call centers in the US representing UHC, Humana, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, BCBS, and many more.


Having spent decades on both the individual and group sides of the insurance industry, my insurance MOTTO is this: Just because it costs more and just because your employer offers it, doesn't make it better.


The BEST product/s to protect OUR financial independence while also offering the best value for our dollar are the inexpensive, ancillary ones. They are designed for specific events that provide a huge return on investment specific to the issue. The manner in which they are utilized is what makes them even more powerful.

My Mission

I want you to feel supported by your health insurance. Not just in illness, but in wellness.

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