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 We only use the top two best companies for these products that will allow you different benefit options and pricing: Manhattan Life and Philadelphia American under New Era Life.

Manhattan Life illustration product brochure

Since 1850, ManhattanLife has stood by policy holders with diligence and compassion. We are committed to a high ethical standard of service to both our policyholders and agents. Looking forward we will continue to provide a broad product portfolio that includes innovative product features, designed to meet the changing needs of our clients in a diverse marketplace.

Manhattan Life iAffordable Choice Select brochure

Affordable Choice Select plans pay a set of daily benefits for covered services, regardless of what your provider charges.

Manhattan Life Enhanced 24 Hour Accident Plan brochure

Accidents happen when you least expect them - at home, at work, while playing or while traveling. Enhanced 24 - Hour Accident Plan More Protection When You Need it Most!

Manhattan Life Cancer Care Plus Cancer and Dread Disease Insurance brochure

Cancer Care Plus Cancer and Dread Disease Insurance - Financial Solutions, Treatment and Recovery

Manhattan Life Critical Protection and Recovery brochure

This is a Critical Protection and Recovery Insurance Policy

Manhattan Life Dental Vision and Hearing brochure

This is a policy for Dental, Vision and Hearing Expenses

Manhattan Life VIVA Living Benefits brochure
Manhattan Life Hospital Confinement and Other Fixed Indemnity Insurance brochure
Manhattan Life OmniFlex STC brochure
Manhattan Life Group Policies brochures compilation

VIVA Living Benefits offers a combination of 20 year term life insurance (15 years for ages 56-60) and a first occurrence critical illness benefit covering the following conditions: life threatening cancer, paralysis, heart attack, renal failure, major organ transplant, stroke

This is a Hospital Confinement and other Fixed Indemnity Insurance Policy Underwritten by ManhattanLife Insurance and Annuity Company and Family Life Insurance Company

ManhattanLife’s new OmniFlex™ STC insurance plan is designed to cover a multitude of Home, Assisted Living, and other needs. 


Group Policies

  1. Group Short-Term Disability

  2. Group Hospital Indemnity

  3. Group Accident

  4. Group Critical Illness

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